Tower of Power "Endorses" Mumblin'Jones!


Last August, Tower of Power made their second appearance in Wichita at the Orpheum Theater. After the performance, our shy and retiring bass player, Marcus Iniguez, made his way through the autograph line. To his complete surprise, some members of the band provided totally unsolicited endorsements of Mumblin'Jones, shown below.

Tower of Power




On this ticket stub, Emilio Castillo, saxophonist and co-founder of the band, indicates his desire to be playing in M'J. Pretty impressive, for a guy who has kept his band going for 44 years!


On this one, Francis Rocco Prestia, one of the great bass players of all time, indicates his approval. By the way, Rocco always includes the letter "KYDA" on his autographs, standing for "Keep Your Dreams Alive".




T.O.P. is truly one of the greatest bands of all time, and we appreciate the fabulous Orpheum for bringing them here two years in a row. Hopefully we will make it onto their tour calendar again in 2013. Keep up with them at



Mike Finnigan "Endorses" Mumblin'Jones!


Back in February 2009, several members of Mumblin'Jones journeyed to the Stiefel Theater in Salina to see Mike Finnigan and the Phantom Blues Band. After the performance (which was, of course, stellar), Mike and the other band members autographed a program, as you can see below. Please observe that Mike noted "I wish I was in Mumblin'Jones". In spirit, Mike, you are always with Mumblin'Jones - but any time you are ready to join, your seat is open!

Mike is one of the truly great vocalists and Hammond B-3 players of all time, and he is a huge favorite of every member of our band. Check out his web site at


Phantom Blues Band Autographs


Wichita Eagle Article about Mumblin'Jones


On February 20, 2009, this article appeared in the "GO!" section of the Wichita Eagle. It was written by Joe Stumpe, a really nice guy who is no longer with the Eagle. He's a musician here in Wichita, and plays solo and with his band, called the "Fly By Night Band".

This article is scrupulously accurate, and totally unashamed in revealing the dark secrets and mysteries surrounding our band, as we approach our 20th year together. Read it and weep...........


Wichita Eagle Article - 2009-02-20